Episode 9 – Super Dynamic Meeple Olympics

Episode 9 – Super Dynamic Meeple Olympics

Fueled by lack of sleep and cinnamon rolls, the BGPOV crew delivers their wildest podcast to date. Adam, Seth, Steven and Miss Wise get cozy around a single microphone to discuss pirates, movies that should be board games and the age-old question… is Batman actually Santa Claus? The crew then hotly debates the merits of allowing meeples to compete in the Olympic Games, and Miss Wise gets promoted to first name status… or does she?

As always, a special thanks to Alex Eding for another mysterious narrative introduction to our question of the podcast: How important are the components in a game anyway? (Soundtrack from Bensound)

Games Discussed: Betrayal at House on the Hill, Toc-Toc Woodman, Libertalia, Cosmic Encounter, Cardline, Clue, Battleship, Sheriff of Nottingham, Hero Scape, Escape: Curse of the Temple, Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Shout Outs: Rock Creek Coffee Roasters, James a.k.a. “Dr. Dolittle”, Jurassic Park, The City of Arkham, Crotch Rockets & Wiffle Ball Bats

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