Episode 49 – Bros vs Boredom

Episode 49 – Bros vs Boredom

Legendary heroes, mutinies on the high seas and towns positively overrun with the walking dead are all things you can expect to hear on a special, two man Episode 49. To start the show, Steven and Adam embark on a quest of obscurity as they dive deep into the games┬ácontained within the bowels of Board Game Geek…. eventually unearthing a lesser known game from a notable designer. They then talk about a slew of news surrounding BGPOV’s favorite game studio*, Plaid Hat Games. Adam talks about a deck builder that is rocking his world, Steven asks an artistic questions and the show wraps up with a look forward to Episode 50!

(*may not reflect the opinion of all members of the cast)

Games Discussed: Neuron, Raxxon, Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies, Marvel Legendary

Shout Outs: Mr. Winterflood, Sparky the Wonder Dog, Horror/Humor, TMNT, Renaissance Man

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