Episode 48 – Dice Tower Awards

Episode 48 – Dice Tower Awards

We run through the winners of the Dice Tower Awards! Did all games deserve their dice towery accolades? We will give you the definitive opinions on all these games and many more. Also… Steven talks about some of the cuter things in BGPOV history (including a bedtime randevu with another member of the cast), Seth proclaims his allegiance to the Celtic nation and Adam pines for the ocean breeze as he brings to the table one of the most casual themes to any board game the crew has ever seen. So prepare yourself for a freaking adorable podcast filled with banter about endearing artwork, small wooden bits and the softer side of the apocalypse.

Games Discussed:  Outlive, Deep Space D-6, High Tide, Founders of Gloomhaven, Inis

Shout Outs: Barista Swagger, Disneyland, The Dodgers, Evil Dictators, Bathroom Breaks

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