Episode 43 – Arkham Horrors

Episode 43 – Arkham Horrors

In this cooperative game special, the crew dares to venture into the nightmarish world of Arkham Horror and dives deep into the unknown to explore a kickstarter project that may just have you and your friends wondering where you put the dynamite. Steven’s creeping leads to an unexpectedly pleasant encounter at church, Seth puts his best foot (and apparel) forward at the local career fair and Adam drops an announcement about an upcoming adventure that takes place in a galaxy far, far away. Will our intrepid podcasters make it through another episode filled with horrifyingly bad puns? Tune in to find out!

Games Discussed: Sub Serra, Star Wars: X-Wing, Marvel Legendary, Arkham Horror LCG

Shout Outs: Church Ladies, Various Types of Wood, Tight Squeezes, Necronimicons, Alex Eding

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