Episode 42 – RPG for Kids

Episode 42 – RPG for Kids

A couple of Brunos invade the podcast with two very different games. One has the boys building quaint little kingdoms with all the pleasantries that serfdom can afford, and the other… well, we’ll just call it the game that shall not be named. Seth gives us the rundown of his recent conquest during 12 hours of interstellar combat, Steven has his worst fears realized at the hands of Steve Avery and Adam introduces his young brood to the joys of role playing. The crew also talks about the ups and downs of public humiliation and then returns to an old mansion to crack an unsolved murder mystery. What games did we like? Which will we probably not play again? And who can’t stop channeling the spirit of an overzealous disco king? Tune in to find out!

Games Discussed:  Star Wars: X-Wing, Hero Kids, Meddling Kids, Ta-Da!, Kingdomino, Mysterium, Kamasutra

Shout Outs: Milk and Cookies, Prune Juice, Seth’s Dad, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Lady in the Purple Dress

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