Episode 39 – Pig Farming Acumen

Episode 39 – Pig Farming Acumen

Selling enormous swine, combating evil Santas and throwing small knives at little wooden zombies are just a few of the activities discussed on Episode 39. Seth and Adam are left to hold down the fort while Steven is away spreading holiday cheer to the entire state of Wyoming, and the pair waste no time diving into exciting news surrounding not one but two of their favorite games. Glowing reviews are then awarded to a few games you should defiantly consider adding to your collection as well as one lukewarm look at a game that may have a slightly smaller audience. Then to wrap it all up like the perfect gift for that person that is just so hard to shop for… they release some hotly anticipated details surrounding the super secret “Operation Kyber Crystal” and elaborate on the power of custom fabricated dice.

Games Discussed:  Iron Harvest (Scythe), Flick’em Up: Dead of Winter, Happy Pigs, Patchwork, Lotus, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG

Shout Outs: Nutcrackers, Warm Hearted White Dragons, Evil Santa, Quilting Circles, Soul Crushing Flower Arrangements

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