Episode 38 – Turkey Day Deductions

Episode 38 – Turkey Day Deductions

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the crew has loaded their tabletop gaming plate to the brim with enough board game shenanigans to choke a turkey. The crew starts the show off with a hearty serving of what they have been playing that includes a second helping of one of their favorite games. The boys then discuss the often awkward and equally awesome interactions you have when friends and family get together to play social deduction games. Seth’s taste in games seems to contradict the others as he defends a game we had written off… and furthermore, he contests that this very popular party game actually plays best with two! So grab some leftovers, settle into your favorite lazy boy and treat your ears to a very tasty episode of the Board Game Point of View.

Games Discussed:  Blood Borne, Dead of Winter: The Long Night, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Spyfall, Camel Up, Codenames Deep Undercover, Codenames Pictures

Shout Outs: Mash Potato Volcanoes, Very Scary Pigs, Cardboard Pyramids, Rubber Ducks

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