Episode 37 – Board Game Boot Camp

Episode 37 – Board Game Boot Camp

In a jam-packed episode, the crew find themselves at odds with each other over three very compelling games… and one that may need to hit the trail. The show first saddles up with a run down of a card game based on a beloved computer IP. Will nostalgia win the hearts of our board game pioneers, or will someone be left up the river without a paddle? The gang then circles the wagons to talk about the pros and cons of hosting a game club and composes a list of thing to consider before starting your own. The party then traverses the peaks and valleys of three games they have been anxiously waiting to play. However, will they regret embarking on their tabletop adventure? Tune in to find out!

Games Discussed: Oregon Trail, Star Wars: X-Wing, Seafall, Arboretum

Shout Outs: Casper, Rooks, Board Game Boot Camps (Game Clubs), Year Long Naps, Cabins

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