Episode 36 – Deep Madness

Episode 36 – Deep Madness

In this very special episode, the crew looks exclusively at a slew of kickstarter games and the improving production quality of crowd funded ventures. With Halloween right around the corner, they start by discussing a simple social deduction game that may find you dancing with a vampire. Then Steven flexes his linguistic prowess with a genius level run down of a game about everyone’s favorite theoretical physicist. A miniatures game has them all clambering at their screens for a dungeon crawl set in the nightmarish future. The show then concludes with a look at some up and coming RPG systems set in fantastic universes, every day life and somewhere in between.

Games Discussed: Dracula’s Feast, Einstein, Deep Madness, 1750: Brittan vs France, Guild Masters, Open Legend (RPG), City of Mist (RPG), Home by Dark (RPG)

Shout Outs: Sexy Pumpkins, Lincoln, Andrew, Stranger Things, Brett, Peaceable Kingdom (aka Super Bros)

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