Episode 35 – Seafall & Village Life

Episode 35 – Seafall & Village Life

The crew reforms like the mighty morphin, mega mechanical, podcasting beast they are for the first time in almost two months and brings with them a ranger sized portion of enthusiastic reviews. Steven drops a one-two punch on the listeners with a rundown of his tales from the cockpit and his second life as head of the church. Seth then unleashes a roundhouse of wisdom and vocal impersonations right to the eardrums. And the whole team delivers the final blow with an unboxing of the new hotness (a.k.a. Seafall)… and then cools down with a thorough stroll through a medieval village.

Games Discussed: Happy Pigs, Dead Last, The Magic Labyrinth, Star Wars: X-Wing, Scythe, Seafall, Village

Shout Outs: Seth’s Roommate, Rhine River, Orange Flight Suits, Rob and Matt’s Grandfathers, Butter Churning


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