Episode 34 – Let’s Talk Narrative

Episode 34 – Let’s Talk Narrative

Adam and Seth are left scratching their heads when Steven fails to show up for the podcast. Through a series of scrambled communications they discover clues as to his whereabouts and who may be behind his mysterious disappearance. Pushing onward, the two remaining members of the cast tap into their new found love for role playing and talk about narrative in games. Adam walks through his first impressions of Pandemic Legacy, and Seth dives into the glut of RPG related podcasts he’s been following. The show then wraps with the return of Alex Eding’s narrative readings before the boys discuss their new found love for speleology.

Games Discussed: D&D: 5th Edition, One Last Job, Belly of the Beast, Pandemic Legacy, The Cave

Shout Outs: One Shot Podcast, The Adventure Zone Podcast, Tara, Rob & Matt, Greasy Burger Joints

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