Episode 32 – Mad Desert Shade

Episode 32 – Mad Desert Shade

Demon horses, ancient sand storms and one very cantankerous sea witch invade Episode 32 of the podcast, and the crew could not be more excited. In lieu of overcoming such a formidable lineup of adversaries, Steven starts the show off with training techniques to prepare for such a journey. In the meantime, Seth and Adam nearly come to blows over their mutual love for a secret society established to undermine the evil equestrian overlords. The team then wanders into a forbidden desert and is left scrambling for the mad shade of Mr. Matt Leacock himself. The adventure then concludes with a lighthearted trip to a magical island filled with peace-loving mermaids… or was it the ocean? We’re still not sure? So grab your shovels and magic wands, because we just may need your help navigating epic episode.

Games Discussed: Apotheca, Forbidden Desert, Mermaid Island

Shout Outs: MoAV Coffee House, Meter Maids, Mermaids, Marionettes, Matt Leacock



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