Episode 31 – One Word… Scythe

Episode 31 – One Word… Scythe

The wait is over and the world is rejoicing! I’m not even going to bother with a clever and flavorful introduction to this podcast, because I would just be wasting your time. If you are like us (and why wouldn’t you be), you too have been in anticipation for nearly a year just checking your inboxes for the latest updates, scouring the internet for the tiniest glimpse of a component, asking that strange guy who hangs out in the seedy corners of the gaming conventions if he has hear anything and downright loosing sleep over the promise of one day holding that giant box of tokens, miniatures and meeples in your arms. So at the risk of already having gone on too long, let’s dive right in. That’s right folks. We are talking about Stonemaier Games latest masterpiece…Scythe. And maybe a few other things, too.

Games Discussed: Leo Goes to the Barber, Time Stories, Pandemic Legacy, Blood Rage, Scythe

Shout Outs: Pokemon Go, The Animal Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Mr. Wall, Saliva


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