Episode 30 – That Checks Out

Episode 30 – That Checks Out

In what can only be described as a dazzling display of high energy banter and over the top explosive commentary, all you can do to prepare your ears for this episode is lite the fuse and stand back. The show sizzles to life with the crew (after a very “long” wait) finally getting to review one of the hottest releases of the year. The intensity increases as the boys discuss Jupiter’s wazoo, space slavers and intergalactic plumbing. It then wraps up with an unlikely cooperative experience that no one saw coming. So climb onto your roof, find a comfortable shingle and enjoy this… the spectacle that is the 30th Episode of the Board Game Point of View.

Games Discussed: Dead of Winter: The Long Night, Galaxy Trucker, Engineering Ants

Shout Outs: Steven’s Grandparents, Wieners, Kevin Jackson, Captain Harlock, Alex Eding

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