Episode 29 – Ten Gallon Plaid Hat

Episode 29 – Ten Gallon Plaid Hat

On this very special episode, the crew is joined by actor, gamer, ogre and hilarious host of the Plaid Hat Podcast… Mr. Alex Eding. And like a bronco bursting out of the shoot, the show wastes no time in getting down to business. The boys start right in with a life segment dedicated to the misadventures of the Eding clan as they migrate across the wilds to the lone star state. Adam then tips his hat to a few Kickstarters before Alex gives us a gander at his board game themed, body brand. The show then gathers around the fire to share stories of gunslingers, outlaws and heroes in a galaxy far, far away.

Games Discussed: World Championship Russian Roulette, Dead of Winter: The Long Night, Catacombs, Star Wars RPG

Shout Outs: Mrs. Alex Eding, John Wimber, Barbra Dunkleman, Rich Sommer, Felicia Day

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