Episode 28 – Doubloons and Dragoons

Episode 28 – Doubloons and Dragoons

Join our courageous adventurers on the high seas as they overcome their fears of open water, parley with the denizens of the deep and analyze game component textures to levels boarding on uncomfortable. The crew starts by taking an obligatory look at the Spiel Des Hares nominations in an effort to determine just which game deserves to be crowned “Game of the Year”. Steven and Adam then cautiously join Seth in the deep waters of the abyss to see if communing with fish people is as riveting as the artwork suggests. The cast then falls prey to a total party wipeout at the hands of an over zealous gnome and a green dragon… or do they?

Games Discussed: Code Names, Imhotep, Karuba, Abyss, Dimensions, Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)

Shout Outs: Thalastiphobia, Transformers, My Little Pony, Polymers, Rob Daviau

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