Episode 27 – Rise of the Podcast

Episode 27 – Rise of the Podcast

Bust out your card sleeves, because this episode is chock-full of CCG/LCG goodness! The crew records from the dungeons of the newly finished headquarters (MoAV Coffee in Downtown Billings) and is ready to be reborn from the ashes of health inspections and construction delays. With coffee in hand, the boys discuss the new hotness from Plaid Hat Games… Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix Born. The artwork alone is enough to peak most gamer’s interest! Then they dive deep into the world of games, thrones and the people who sit on them in a very detailed discussion about the role of theme in a very popular IP. Which card game will come out on top? Tune in to find out!

Games Discussed: Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix Born, A Game of Thrones Card Game (Second Edition)

Shout Outs: MoAV Coffee House, Contractors, The Number 3, How I Met Your Mother, House Targaryen

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