Episode 26 – Dr. Bronson’s Beans

Episode 26 – Dr. Bronson’s Beans

The crew gathers at the unfinished headquarters to talk about what our grandmothers are into, the legacy of a war torn world and the benefits of educating your NPCs. Steven also offers some helpful construction tips and tells a chilling story of a thoroughly haunted bathroom renovation. Seth then becomes scared for life after an encounter with a high resolution image of some game artwork. The show then comes to a close with a recounting of our continuing adventures in the D&D universe… and the friend we made along the way.

Games Discussed: X-Wing, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Seafall, Risk Legacy, D&D

Shout Outs: Haunted Bathrooms, Closets, Grandmothers, Beans, Rob Daviau, Dr. Donald “Bloodrag” Bronson

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