Episode 23 – Sprinkle Your Closets

Episode 23 – Sprinkle Your Closets

On heels of our first anniversary, the gang continues to talk about their absolute favorite games of all time in a “Top 5 Games” round up. Adam, Seth and Steven take a closer look at a crowd favorite and try to review it using only the power of their emotions. The crew also laments over the fact that their vigilante justice suites need to be sprinkled before they are deemed safe for human consumption… and Seth and Steven feel sour over the fact that Adam continues to invite nobility to his luxurious parties.

Games Discussed: Targi, Splendor, Battle Sheep, Star Wars: X-Wing, Lords of Waterdeep, Love Letter, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Dead of Winter, Suburbia, News@11, King of New York, Colt Express

Shout Outs: The NFL, Andreas Steiger, Fall Out 4, Tabletop Simulator, Mustaches, Seth’s Sister

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