Episode 22 – One Year Anniversary

Episode 22 – One Year Anniversary

Join us in celebrating one year of pod casting awesomeness! To wrap up a fantastic year, we are running through our favorite elements of board gaming. Categories include: Favorite Components, Coffee Shop Games, Laugh Out Loud Games, Stab Your Friend in the Back Games, Brain Burners, If You Could Live in a Game, Pull Your Hair Out Games, Games We Love to Hate, Favorite Characters and Favorite Art Work.

We would also like to say thank you to our friends, family and fans. A special thank you to Alex Eding for all the help he has given our little podcast. And finally, a heartfelt thanks to the Dice Tower Network for welcoming us into the fold.

Games Discussed: Bang: The Card Game, Blokus , Code Names , Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Ca$h’n Guns, Colt Express, Dead of Winter, Eclipse, Escape: Curse of the Temple, Heroes Wanted, Imperial Settlers, King of New York, Lifeboat, Love Letter, Lords of Waterdeep, News@11, Pandemic, Pingo Pingo, Resistance, Risk Legacy, Small World, Space Cadets: Dice Duel, Splendor, Spyfall , Star Wars: X-Wing, Telestrations, The Farming Game, Ticket to Ride

Shout Outs: Coffee Shop Owners, Survivor, Blazers, The Spy, Stephen Amell, Kaylee’s Sister & Brother In-Law, Seth’s Mother, Mr. Wall


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