Episode 2 – The Winter Cast

Episode 2 – The Winter Cast

In the very second episode of the Board Game Point of View podcast the crew asks the question, “What exactly is a game anyway?” We also take a stab at designing another board game on the fly, which has Seth thumbing his nose at the theme. The winter cast is then wrapped up nicely with a chilling review of Dead of Winter. We must also give a special thank you to voice actor extraordinaire, Alex Eding for the gripping narrative introduction.

Also, have a look at the list of things we think define a game, and then listen in to see if you agree.

  • Overall Objective
  • Set of Parameters
  • Decision Making
  • Only for Enjoyment
  • End Condition

Games Discussed: Small World, Star Wars: X-Wing, Dead of Winter

Shout Outs: The Walking Dead, Christmas


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