Episode 18 – International House of Spielcakes

Episode 18 – International House of Spielcakes

With a short break out of the way, the Board Game Point of View returns with mech-warrior-like vengeance to battle the tabletop game-size holes in the hearts of the population at large. The crew talks about trends in fashion, food and the latest in agricultural warfare. Steven is left drooling after backing his very first Kickstarter project, Seth has an altercation with some salsa and Adam talks about portly men happily walking dogs down country roads. The show then concludes with a surprise guest who has a beef to pick with two of our youngest hosts.

Also, be sure to check out Alex Eding in Shrek: The Musical if you are in the Ohio area.

Games Discussed: Scythe, Smash Up, Imperial Settlers

Shout Outs: JCPenney, Crepes, Artist Jakub Rozalski, Mr. Wall (Our Man on the Street), The Roman Empire

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