Episode 17 – The Blanket Fort

Episode 17 – The Blanket Fort

Adam and Steven set up shop in a temporary HQ to speak with Seth about life, holding hands and a plague of moths. One game has the cast encouraged to fix what is broken, and another has them steeped in a deep discussion about nefarious characters, intrigue and corruption.

The crew also talks about being the newest members of The Dice Tower Network! We would like to extend a special thanks to Tom, Eric and everyone else at the network for making us feel so welcome. We are humbled to be a part of the family.

Games Discussed: Star Wars: X-Wing, And Then We Held Hands, Machi Koro, Suburbia, Lords of Waterdeep

Shout Outs: Rook’s, Highlights Magazine, Lolly Pops, Alex “Shrek” Eding, The Moth Reaper

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