Episode 16 – Camels and Coins

Episode 16 – Camels and Coins

In a surprising turn of events, the crew takes serious issue with a Game of the Year winner and is a bit salty over an adventure on the high seas. They also mull over the sanitary dilemma of playing dexterity games with a super hero, revel in the glory of real metal coins and wonder… why is all the rum gone? The show then wraps up with a riveting summation of Dungeons & Dragons from one of its newest converts. (Spoiler Alert: Mistakes were made.)

And a special thanks to Alex Eding… a trifecta of vocal talent.

Games Discussed: Master Fox, Bingo, Black Fleet, Camel Up, Dungeons & Dragons

Shout Outs: Origins Game Fair, Purell Hand Sanitizer, Captain Jack Sparrow, Patchy the Bugbear

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