Episode 15 – Chumming the Waters

Episode 15 – Chumming the Waters

Steven returns with a full report from his perilous quest, and our crew can’t wait to hear what he’s discovered. We then talk about two small box games that pack more punch than initially anticipated… which may have you chumming the shark-infested waters of your gaming friendships. The show then concludes with the first in a new series focused on our small group of Dungeons and Dragons adventurers and the dos and don’ts of starting your first campaign. Want to know whose alter ego is chaotic evil? Listen in to find out!

Games Discussed: Colt Express, Rumble, Lifeboat, Star Wars: X-Wing, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Shout Outs: Steven’s Dad, O.A.R., Old Navy, Space Station Crew, Psych

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