Episode 13 – Two Scoops of Beeple

Episode 13 – Two Scoops of Beeple

Plaid Hat’s Alex Eding joins Board Game Point of View under the spotlights for what can only be described as a three ring circus of a show! In the opening act, we discuss the inhuman success of Dead of Winter at this year’s Dice Tower Awards and tip our hats to one game that probably should have won. Then, experience unimaginable terror as Steven’s question to Alex forces one member of the group to rage quit… or take a bathroom break (I’ve heard it both ways). And in an amazing final act, mystifying recollections from Origins will surely have you on the edge of your seats before we lower the lights for some D&D-inspired magic.

Games Discussed: Dead of Winter, Star Realms, Dice Masters, Coconuts, Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000, World Champion Russian Roulette, Buddy Cop, Specter Ops, Tail Feathers, Dungeons and Dragons

Shout Outs: Plaid Hat Podcast, Ponies, Steve Avery & Tom Vasel, Buddy Cop Movies, Chad Hoverter, Emerson Matsuuchi, Giant Purple Worms

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