Board Games & Coffee

Board Games & Coffee

Earlier this week, Board Game Point of View spread its wings and ran its first (open to the public) event. A huge thank you to Rock Creek Coffee Roasters for agreeing to host our group of gamers. The turnout was fantastic, and I don’t know that our crew could have asked for more. The BGPOV team arrived early to set up games, adorn name tags and pop breath mints before all the intrepid gamers started wandering in off the streets. We had been practicing hard for this moment. Rules explanation drills were a daily occurrence, and many had abandoned free weights for lifting large, Euro-style games filled to the brim with heavy wooden bits. All the training paid off, however, and I think it’s safe to say everyone that attended had a great time.

RC Mar 2015_01

These kind of events are amazing for reasons beyond the fact that you get to play some awesome games. They give people an excuse to indulge in their playful spirit, to take a breath from the circumstances in their lives and make friends with people they may not otherwise. People came from all parts of the city to sit down with strangers and play some games. How mind blowing is that! The enthusiasm for this hobby astounds me, and at the same time I can’t say I’m surprised. The world has been flooded with technology, touch screens and video games, and I see people yearning for an excuse to get out from behind a monitor… to sit across from another human… to make eye contact…  to have a relationship with something more than a page on the Internet.

RC Mar 2015_03

You will hear us here at Board Game Point of View espouse the power of board games on a weekly basis. The mere fact that we are crazy enough to have both a blog and podcast about the hobby will leave no one in doubt about our enthusiasm. However, I can honestly say, it is the relationships we build with others that motivate us to continue doing it. That principle is what Board Game Point of View was founded on. So we invite you to participate in our events, listen to our podcast and play more games with people, because here you truly are among friends.

RC Mar 2015_02

Join us again at Rock Creek Tuesday, April 14th for more fun, games and coffee.



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