Board Game Outreach

Board Game Outreach

Looking for a way to connect with fellow high schoolers here in Billings? Look no further! BGPOV is an open community that’s only interest is fun. Fun you ask? What sort of fun? How do you plan on accomplishing said thing? Well.. I’ll tell you. With board games!

“Board games? They’re sooooo 1998…”

If that’s your point of view when it comes to board games, I hate to tell ya.. but you are WRONG. More board games are being released annually as of right now than at any other point in history. Ranging in shape, size, theme, complexity and style. Crazy, right?

Our goal is to have two game nights per month in which anyone is welcome to come and join in. But now you may be thinking, “What if I don’t like the game that’s chosen?” Have no fear, we have amassed a large and extensive collection of games. Upon arrival, players will have the option of splitting into groups, with each group having the freedom to choose whichever game they desire. Plus, anyone is welcome to bring a game of their own. Have a personal favorite? We’d love to play it with you! If we have peaked your interest in the slightest, please feel free to also check out our blog! You will find written reviews of all the board games we’ve played recently, allowing you to further expand your gaming knowledge, and an audio podcast in which the gang gets together to discuss the latest goings-on within the board game realm!

We are all about fun and fellowship… in a totally non-creepy way.

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