Among the Stars

Among the Stars

  • Designer: Vangelis Bagiartakis
  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 30 Min

In a not too distant future, where lifeforms inhabit outer space like the sprawling suburbs of Earth, we find the industrious universe of Among the Stars. However, instead of asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar… you will be propositioning the nearest space dock for life-giving energy cubes. Here’s how it works. Each player is assigned the role of an alien foreman to oversee the construction of a space station. Each station starts with only a single energy reactor from which additional modular sections like Gardens, Security Stations and Fast-Food Space Courts will be ratcheted on. At the beginning of each of the four rounds, players are dealt a hand of six sections. From these they will purchase one to add to their space station and then pass the remaining cards in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Players will then look at the new hands they are passed, select a section to add and again pass the remainder on. Play continues until all sections have been added and a new round begins.

This is a fantastic game in more ways than one. To start… it plays like an elegant blend of two of my favorite games: 7 Wonders and Suburbia. The cards you draft are simple to understand, and the visual cues make it easy to see how each section will score you points and activate existing pieces of your space station. This is a great game to introduce new players to the drafting mechanic, and one I would recommend to first-time gamers over the more complicated and often abstract 7 Wonders. And like Suburbia, it makes you feel like you are actually building something. Which means at game’s end you will be basking in the glory of the thriving metropolis you’ve constructed in the depths of outer space.

Pros: Great Art, Moderate Strategy, Fun Theme, Satisfying Building Game

Cons: Takes Up a Lot of Table Space

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