Bang: The Dice Game

Bang: The Dice Game

  • Designer: Michael Palm & Lukas Zach
  • Players: 3-8
  • Time: 15 Min

A derivative of the popular card game, Bang: The Dice Game has slid into this gamer’s collection as easily as a snake into a boot. It’s big fun, simple to understand and wears the old west theme like a ten gallon hat. Here’s how it works. Each player takes on the role of a gunslinger from the old west in a fight to dodge bullets, light dynamite and (when the dust settles) be the last man/woman standing. The primary mechanic is similar to Yahtzee in that you will be rolling a handful of dice multiple times in an attempt to fire a few rounds at your opponents, drink a few rounds at the saloon or dodge incoming arrows volleyed from a third party. But what makes this game great is that everyone has one of 16 secret identities each with a special ability, which means you may be working for the sheriff or a band of outlaws or just wander into town as the ruthless renegade. The fun comes in not knowing who to take a shot at next, because you never know… they may just be part of your gang.

Pros: Plays in 15 Minutes, Portable, Silly Fun, Eight Players, Anyone Can Play

Cons: Like it’s Predecessor… Some May Take Issue with the Theme

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