Love Letter

Love Letter

  • Designer: Seiji Kanai
  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 20 Min

Whoever said love wasn’t simple has not played Love Letter. With just a few cards and a handful of tokens, you can start winning the affections of forbidden royalty before you can say, “Your princess is in another castle.” Each player is trying to get a love letter to the princess (hang on guys… the game play is worth suffering the theme), but only the one with the closest inside connection to the princess will succeed. Here’s how it works.¬†Draw a card, and then play a card… but it’s the latter that makes this game so elegant and crunchy. The purchase price is great, the rules are simple and the whole thing fits in your pocket. It plays in 15-20 minutes and is a perfect game to get your friends into the hobby. Additionally, there are a handful of alternatively-themed versions in the works that promise to include The Hobbit, Batman and Santa Claus.

Pros: Small Size (16 Cards + Tokens), Easy to Learn, Re-Playability, Light Strategy, Great Filler, Perfect Wedding Gift

Cons: Theme Not for Everyone

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