• Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino
  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 30 Min

If you were to look at the genealogical tapestries hanging in the great gaming halls of old, Dominion will undoubtedly be the father of modern deck building.  Like so many games that followed in its footsteps, players start with an equal helping of resources but quickly fill their plates from a smorgasbord of actions, wealth and abilities in a race to consume the most points. The base game itself comes with over 500 cards divided into 25 flavors that you can combine and mix in completely different ways each time you play. Here’s how it works. Each player takes a turn performing an action from his hand of cards and buys additional cards to add to his deck. At the end of his turn, the remaining cards are added to a discard pile and a new hand of cards is drawn from his ever-growing deck. The meat of the game lies in balancing your card selection to score you points without bloating your deck. The game play is simple to grasp after a few turns, and the thin theme makes it accessible to most. With near endless re-playability and a plethora of expansions available, this is another great game to introduce your non-gaming friends to the hobby.

If you like the idea of deck building and are looking for other games to satisfy your hunger, there are many that employ this core mechanic. Trains adds every gamer’s favorite theme and a board to watch your empire grow as you build it. Marvel/DC Dice Masters and Quariors use custom dice rather than cards to build armies of monsters, villains and superheroes. Arctic Scavengers sees you and a handful of intrepid scavengers facing off against another player’s faction in an attempt to survive a post-apocalyptic, frozen future.

Pros: Infinite Re-Playability, Many Expansions, Light Strategy, Easy to Learn

Cons: Little Player Interaction and Theme

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